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Hysterosalpingography (HSG), also known as uterosalpingography, is a radiologic procedure to investigate the shape of the uterine cavity and the shape and patency of the fallopian tubes. This means it is a special x-ray using dye to look at the womb  and Fallopian tubes. It injects a radio-opaque material into the cervical canal and usually fluoroscopy with image intensification. A normal result shows the filling of the uterine cavity and the bilateral filling of the fallopian tube with the injection material. To demonstrate tubal rupture, spillage of the material into the peritoneal cavity needs to be observed. It has vital role in treatment of infertility especially in case of fallopian tube blockade.

Pregnancy rate after HSG test

Pregnancy after an HSG may be more likely, depending on the cause of your infertility. At least one study found that an HSG with an oil-based contrast did significantly improve pregnancy rates1 in specific patients. The subsequent live birth rate was likewise significantly higher.


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